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Operations Management
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Operations management has been recognised as an important factor in a country’s economic growth. The traditional view of manufacturing management is the concept of Production Management with the focus on economic efficiency in manufacturing. Later the new name Operations Management was identified, as service sector became more prominent. Rapid changes in technology have posed numerous opportunities and challenges, which have resulted in enhancement of manufacturing capabilities through new materials, facilities, techniques and procedures. Hence, managing a service system has become a major challenge in the global competitive environment. Operations Management has been a key element in the improvement and productivity in business around the world. Operations Management leads the way for the organisations to achieve its goals with minimum effort. Hence, the study of the subject at undergraduate and postgraduate level has more significance.

This book on ‘Operations Management’ covers the complete syllabus of Bachelor of Engineering of Visvesvaraya Technical University, Karnataka, however the coverage is wide enough to include the requirements of Bachelor and Master Degree courses of other Indian universities and professional courses like MBA, PGDCA, BBA.

Being student friendly is the unique feature of this book. The subject matter has been presented systematically in ten chapters, which can enable the reader master the topics covered without any additional guidance.

Complete care has been taken to make the book error free. However, mistakes might have crept inadvertently. Readers finding any error are requested to bring it to our notice, for enabling us to rectify them in our future editions...
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