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Major improvements were made to this Fourth Edition of one of the leading international business textbooks in Europe and Asia. We have retained the focus on the “triad” economies of the EU, Japan, and North America but also increased coverage of the non-triad economies, especially with a greatly increased emphasis on the role of China and India in Chapter 19. This chapter, along with Chapters 5, 13, and 17, was prepared by Simon Collinson of Warwick Business School. Simon joins us as co-author of the textbook, and he will take an even greater role in future editions. He represents a younger generation of teachers and scholars who use this book.

The four chapters by Simon have been totally reorganized and rewritten to update the text. The other major changes involve international financial management—Chapters 7 and 14—which have been prepared by Robert Grosse of Thunderbird. These also update and improve the text. Along with a greater theoretical emphasis in the first three chapters and in Chapter 20 on analytical frameworks for the field, these rewritten chapters serve to upgrade the analytical content of the book, as requested by many adopters.

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